Veterinary Emergency Clinics Downtown Edmonton and South Edmonton

Veterinary Emergency Clinics

We are Edmonton Emergency Veterinary Clinics. Our Downtown Edmonton and our Guardian Veterinary Centre in South Edmonton clinics provide specialized emergency veterinary care.

Downtown Emergency Clinic:
24/7 365 days
Guardian Veterinary Centre:
24/7 365 days

Did you know... that ingestion of grapes and raisins can lead to renal failure in both dogs and cats?

Not all dogs and cats that ingest Grapes/Raisins develop kidney damage, but any animal is at risk of developing kidney damage from Grape/Raisin ingestion.

Downtown Edmonton
24/7 365
11104 - 102 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5K 2H4
P: 780.433.9505
F: 780.439.2787