Veterinary Emergency Clinics Downtown Edmonton and both North and South Edmonton

Veterinary Emergency Clinics

We are three Edmonton Emergency Veterinary Clinics: Downtown Edmonton, North Edmonton and Guardian in South Edmonton. Our clinics provide specialized emergency veterinary care.

Downtown Emergency Clinic:
24/7 365 days
North Edmonton Emergency Clinic:
Weekdays: 4pm to 8am
Weekends: Friday 4pm to Monday 8am
Holidays: 24 hours
Guardian Veterinary Centre:
24/7 365 days

Did you know... that ingestion of grapes and raisins can lead to renal failure in both dogs and cats?

Not all dogs and cats that ingest Grapes/Raisins develop kidney damage, but any animal is at risk of developing kidney damage from Grape/Raisin ingestion.

North Edmonton
Nights, Weekends
and Holidays

15825 - 97 St. NW
Edmonton AB T5X 0C7

P: 780.758.4620
F: 780.758.4640
24/7 365
11104 - 102 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5K 2H4
P: 780.433.9505
F: 780.439.2787